Shen Yun Opens Up Chinese Culture Like a Flower, Movie Producer Says

March 31, 2018

“The show was really fantastic. I love the costumes, and I also love the spirit-centric aspect of it, like the fact that they are not afraid of mentioning God, the creator.”

“I think the dance was incredible, really well choreographed. The acrobatic dance is really fantastic. … It was an overall fun experience.”

“That’s the part [the spirituality] I love the most because in our day, everybody is afraid of mentioning God, especially in the West now.”

“I mean [that part is] not only inspiration but confirmation of what I want to believe—that there is a creator, that there is a God, and everything evolves around him, and that’s what I love most about the show.”

“The whole Chinese culture is fantastic and amazing, … and that kind of opened up like a flower to show the beauty, the respect, the grace that is part of the Chinese culture, which is beautiful.”