Shen Yun Filled With Positive Energy, Says Official of Taiwan’s Pyrographic Association

September 17, 2018

“Upon entering the theater, I felt a kind of excitement.”

“This is my first time seeing a Shen Yun performance, and I was so touched that I was on the brink of shedding tears of joy. My soul seemed to be purified, and my entire body was filled with energy that could help me restart.”

“It’s a kind of feeling that makes people feel joyful and delighted.”

“The [soloist’s] song touched the bottom of my heart. I felt like crying. I was so touched, as if I had found my true self.”

“Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is indeed very professional. It’s perfect.”

“Such a wonderful concert should be appreciated by everyone!”

“I am still fascinated by Shen Yun’s beautiful melodies.”

“This concert is very interesting, as it has many stories behind [the music].”

“As Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra is full of positive energy, I will recommend my friends and relatives to see the coming performances in Taichung City and Kaohsiung City.”

Liao Shufeng, vice president, Taiwan’s Association of Pyrographic Artists
Yunlin County Cultural Affairs Department, Performing Arts Hall, Yunlin, Asia
Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra
September 16, 2018