Shen Yun Dancers’ Movements Are Heavenly, TV Producer Says

April 16, 2018

“[The Shen Yun performance] is so good. It’s so well done. It’s absolutely beautiful. … It’s so graceful. The performers are so talented.”

“The movement of the dancers is heavenly. The grace and coordination [of the performers]; they make it look so easy. [They] have to work so hard to make it look easy — it’s real talent, and it’s beautiful.”

“The costumes are amazing, the colors [as well]. … The attention to detail is amazing, really inspiring.”

“I loved it that everything is explained to us [by the emcees] for the performance.”

“The storytelling is beautiful. It’s interesting that this [presentation] can’t be performed in China. I had no idea. It’s too bad.”

“Some of [the storytelling] … like the one about the meditation [being persecuted]; that was heartbreaking. The specific [plot] of the story, if I hadn’t known, I still would have been moved by it.”

“I think the education [shown by the performance] in general is so important. It makes me think, ‘What can I do to help with [stopping the human rights abuse]?’ … It was really cool to come and find out about what’s happening [in China], and be inspired to do more.”

“It’s been amazing, educational, enlightening, and just so beautiful. You can see how much the dancers are invested in their performance. It’s really beautiful to feel their emotions through their movements.”