Shen Yun Awe-Inspiring and Inspirational, Says Artist

March 5, 2017

“As a performer and choreographer and dancer and artist myself I appreciated the use of color to help the stories flow and make them easy to understand.”


“A wonderful flow of dance, art, music, and color, and I thoroughly appreciate it.”


“Dance, theater is what I went to school for myself, so being able to watch and see how it was done in another culture, it was very welcoming, because I believe that art does not have a particular language, I feel like it’s something that speaks to anyone and everyone who is willing to listen, and seeing it done through the eyes of another culture, and learning the history and some the folklore and so on and so forth, it was very awe-inspiring and just an inspirational show in general.”


“What I really appreciated about this show was the use of the background, the use of other technology, having a multi-media type of experience, explaining different stories… I really appreciated the use of the screen and how well it worked with the characters … and made a whole world bigger than the stage; it helped with the imagination to be able to get lost in another story.”


“Seeing people doing something so great and beautiful encourages, I hope, more people do more great art; in the end this is art and that’s what’s going to save the world.”

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