Shen Yun ‘An important show for the world’ Says Writer

April 29, 2017

“I loved it, it was just amazing, and I loved the colour and the movement.”

“I particularly loved the ending of the show it was very deep and meaningful, and with the buffalo the story behind it and the depth of belief with what was going on I found it very moving.”

“I think there’s great hope for mankind from the show [Shen Yun] that there was such a spirit of innocence and joy about the whole of production that, in my way of thinking, you don’t see in many western shows at the moment. It was just so joyous and really gives you hope that mankind isn’t so terrible after all. That there’s still sweetness and light in the world.”

“I just feel like the show [Shen Yun] will infuse my writing with a lightness and a happiness and so I am working on a couple of projects at the moment and I’ll pick the right project, probably my children’s writing picture book, because I feel it is a little dark at the moment, it’s a little to sombre for children so I will think about Shen Yun tomorrow when I sit down and redraft it.

“I would just like to say to the whole production, and the five or four other companies that are touring the world, keep doing it, it’s an important show for the world to see.”