Shen Yun a Unique Production, Says Psychology Consultant

April 4, 2017

“There are very many aspects to the show, the theatrical part, there’s a musical part, there’s a history, there’s a dance, it takes a lot of effort to bring a show together. I was just so interested in how there’s a screen in a background, and what was depicted on the screen suddenly comes alive. That’s a very unique production—so congratulations to the producers. … It’s a fantastic production, and it’s so refined.”

“I was really totally engrossed, I was very focused, the dance is just first class, very colourful. The movement, also the history is very, very vivid and capturing because to tell a story through action is not easy at all and through the music. It’s just fantastic, it’s very unique, it’s very different from ordinary theatre.”

“Some of the history cannot be shown and discussed in China itself, but outside China, you can actually talk about what happened. The happiness, the sadness, the fights, so the show actually depicts what actually took place in the past, and the spirituality. … I think we need to revisit divinity and the spirituality and live in harmony in our society.”