Scientist Says Shen Yun’s Music Will Stay With Him

February 9, 2017

“It was very unique to me. Both the movement of the dancers, which is great but also it matches the music or the music matches the movement rather, so it’s a perfect match. … Even though I am a scientist, I am in my heart a musician so that’s why I enjoyed this very much.


“I think [the music] it was big, it was great, sometimes overwhelming. Even though its many instruments which are Western, as a matter of fact I could hear this Eastern sound, Eastern melody, Eastern tones—which are very beautiful.”


“[Mix of Eastern and Western], that’s what I liked about it. So it’s perfect for the audience here. American audience or Western audience, this makes it so you can enjoy both—music is universal.”


“Sometimes I was listening to the music more than watching the dancers. But sometimes it was the other way around. But I can hear this music even now, so I’m hearing it in my ears all the time now. So those musicians, orchestra, drummers – perfect, perfect.”  


“It will certainly stay, this music will [stay with me].”