Reds Fan Says He’d Recommend Shen Yun to Anyone

May 6, 2018

“My wife wanted to attend this, and it was kind of a running joke for a while. This, typically, isn’t my thing. I go to baseball games; I am a Reds fan. This is an unexpected treat. I am really enjoying it.”

“It’s fantastic, sitting up close like this. … This is so cool. I’m very much enjoying it.”

“It’s nice to see the twinkle in the their eyes even. And the joy the performers had, you can tell it’s a passion. … And what’s involved to create the body that can perform like this. … But just watching the tumbling and all the athleticism involved—it is fantastic. I am really enjoying it.”

“This is incredible. I was even thinking: Do I go on Facebook and say, I wasn’t expecting much, but I highly, … you know, applaud [it?]… Just, if I can enjoy something like this, I think it would open up to a lot more, even a bigger audience. … I didn’t know what to expect, but … I recommend this to anybody.”

“I do sense that spiritual aspect, especially with the one, where the poor guy gets taken away to a prison and blinded. Oh man, that just made my heart sink because you know that happens in this world we live in. Not everybody enjoys the freedom we have here in the States. That was kind of crushing to see that, put out there during the performance. But then, also, from that aspect, maybe the power of prayer, someone from beyond this realm, was able to come back and heal him. That was cool to see that, too.”