President of Homes Publishing Group Finds Shen Yun Orchestra ‘Flawless’

October 17, 2014

TORONTO—Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra swept away its audience at Roy Thompson Hall Thursday night with music that can only be created by its unique combination of instruments.

Michael Rosset, the owner and president of Homes Publishing Group, said he loved the performance.

“It’s flawless I think—really.” 

“And the gentleman who was singing Nessun Dorma, the aria was terrific.”

Home Publishing puts out several magazines including Homes Magazine, Condo Life, Active Life and others. Besides leading his company, Mr. Rosset, also sits on the board of directors for Raising the Roof, an organization focused on long-term solutions to homelessness.

He said Shen Yun’s unique mix of instruments was beautiful.

“Excellent, blended beautifully,” he said.

The orchestra is unique in the world for combining classical Western instruments with Chinese instruments like the pipa and the two-stringed erhu as permanent members. 

“Beautiful … I enjoyed the traditional Chinese instruments,” Mr. Rosset said.

He added that the erhu was a charming instrument and the conductors had put on a flawless performance.

The orchestra creates music inspired from a distant age, melodies of ancient China brought to the present with the fullness and precision of a Western orchestra. 

Mr. Rosset said the music left him relaxed and affirmed his love of traditional Chinese culture. 

Also at the performance that night was one of Mr. Rosset’s associate publishers, Jayne Hobbs, who came with Bob Simpson, retired from the water works industry.

“It’s just beautiful. And I love the combination of our Western music and the Chinese music. It’s just absolutely wonderful; very enjoyable,” said Ms. Hobbs.

“I think it’s fabulous … the blend is just out of this world. It’s a pleasure to be here,” said Mr. Simpson.

He also said the music relaxed him and took his mind off everything but the players and their performance.

Ms. Hobbs was enthusiastic about the erhu performance as well. 

“Just fabulous; from the instruments to the dress to the blend with the orchestra. Just wonderful. Very enjoyable,” she said. 

Ms. Hobbs added that the conductors were unbelievable and the tenor was “absolutely wonderful.”

Mr. Simpson added: “It’s fabulous, the music, the mixture, the blend of [Western] music and Chinese music, and the tenor. It all comes together and they do an excellent job of promoting it and showing the world.”

With reporting by Dongyu Teng

New York-based Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra comprises musicians from the four Shen Yun Performing Arts touring companies. The orchestra’s North American tour runs through Oct. 27. 

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