Musician: Shen Yun’s ‘Precision Was Out of This World’

February 3, 2017

“I thought the performance was fantastic. The thing I enjoyed about it the most was what one of the musicians talked to me about—the triangle. Because you have a conductor, you have artists dancing, and you have musicians playing, the interaction between the three created a triangle, and I thought it was so precise and so beautifully done.

“I was very impressed. I’m a drummer, musician, and the precision [of Shen Yun’s performance] was out of this world.”


“The conductor had everybody hitting those marks absolutely perfectly [coordinated with the scene on the digital backdrop], and the dancers would move up and down and jump. Everything was so well coordinated. For me, it was just a beautiful experience.”


“The colouration of all the outfits, the beautiful dance steps—I liked the umbrella [dance], I liked the flower dance, I liked the handkerchief dance—everything was just fantastic.” 


“The introductions with the two people (emcees) made it very easy to understand what was going on, but I’m sure I only caught a small part of it. … It’s all been a great learning experience tonight.”