‘It’s a lot more educational than I expected,’ Business Owner Says

April 12, 2018

“It’s great—I enjoyed the show. It’s a lot more educational than I expected. I learned a lot more about the culture, as well as enjoying the dance.”

“[I learned about] some of the different ethnic dances, and the history behind the classical dance and how far back it goes. … In fact, I like a lot of the techniques—they used with the long sleeves and the chopsticks and some of the other tools they’re using for the dance.”

“You can feel the spirit in the dance. The dancing is very uplifting, and very calming as well. It’s very moving, also very calming. I enjoy the show in the way of its techniques with the screen and the performers coming in and out. It’s very smooth the way it’s done, going through the transitioning from the screen to the stage. So technically very good, and also very entertaining—very educational as well.”

“The Monkey King story [‘Monkey Battles Warlock’] was a good one, and the Mongolian one. I like the Mongolian chopsticks [‘Lofty Spirits on the Grasslands’].”

“The music is excellent—you can hear a great musical background. The forms were very, very impressive.”

“Nice energy, absolutely—I definitely feel the energy. … Everything moves so quickly. I’m excited to go back to the second half!”