IT Manager Treats Her Little Ballerina to a Shen Yun Performance

December 31, 2017

“[My daughter], she loves it. She does ballet. She dreams that she herself will be like the dancers from Shen Yun. … She really likes it because she also does gymnastics, so she was saying all the time, ‘Oh, look at that flip!’”

“[It’s] unbelievable, we love it. We really love it! We are coming back. I will bring my son next year, as he is too young. He will be turning 4 tomorrow. I couldn’t bring him this year, but next year I will try to bring him. He also loves dancing.”

“[I felt] all the values, respect … It’s not superficial, and it is so spiritual.”

“I feel relaxed, happy.”

Isabel Gratton, manager in an IT company
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada
Shen Yun New York Company
December 30, 2017