I Need to See Shen Yun, 4-Year-Old Tells Mom

February 4, 2018

“Her face was like totally in trance and serious, and then she said she loves all the costumes, all the dancing. … She loves that they tell stories through their dancing. At 4, I was just surprised that she could get that.”

“She saw the commercial for this show, … and she has said since day one that she wanted to come. … She has never been to anything. … She saw one commercial and said, ‘I want to see this, Mom. I need to see this.’”

“From the first commercial, she was hooked, and then she wouldn’t ever let me skip it. … [She] said, ‘No, no, I love this one, Mom. Leave this, please.’ She wanted me to watch the ads every time.”

“There was something very special about this show that struck her, also myself, and it was well worth it, absolutely. I will come next year.”