Company President Finds Shen Yun Fantastic and Wants to Come Again

April 19, 2018

“It was fantastic. I loved it. I especially loved the lady that played the [erhu]. She was fantastic. The [vocal soloist], he was very good too.”

“It really evoked a lot of emotion for me. … I’d probably start listening to Chinese opera if I get to listen to more of that music.”

“What I like is how [Shen Yun] weaved Chinese tradition into modern thought and made it current, … using dance, and the Western and Eastern music. Bringing that all together was excellent.”

“I think it’s good to open up people’s minds here in the United States, because we think one way about China. I think how many people attend this, and listen to this, and understand, ancient Chinese history and philosophy is a good thing for people in the U.S..”

“I love the spiritual part.”

“It was excellent. I’d come back. If [there was] another show tomorrow, I’d come back and see it tomorrow.”