Californian Executive Feels the Divinity Present in Shen Yun

April 24, 2018

“It was beautiful. … When I saw the show, I started to cry because I love the Chinese people — they are in my heart. It touched me very much.”

“I do feel it [energy from the performers]. As soon as I saw them, I felt like crying.”

“The women dancing was beautiful. I liked the representation of the Qing Dynasty. … It was lovely.”

“The women [impressed me], because they are the most beautiful and the most graceful.”

“You know what was beautiful also? The instrument. I don’t know what that instrument was called [erhu] — that instrument, we don’t have anything like that in America.”

“I believe two songs [‘Heaven Awaits’ and ‘Coming to Pass’] said that: That we’re here, but our soul wants to return back to Heaven. So, it was really beautiful.”

“The divinity [was present] because every song was about God and about the Creator. Definitely, the divinity came through.”

“The Chinese are very spiritual people, and that definitely came through the dance, and through the movement. I think Chinese people have a gift of touching the Creator, … their heart is close to the Creator, and you can see it, you can feel it.”

“I think that if I were Chinese, and I would see such a beautiful show, it would awaken in my heart, the love for China. … It would really awaken the love for where they came from.”

“I think, first and foremost, [Shen Yun] is going to affect the Chinese people here. Secondly, the people who are not Chinese, they will look, and yearn to know more about the Chinese culture.”