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‘I Wanted to Do Something Entrepreneurial’: Boy, 16, Starts Food Truck Business After Inspiration From Granddad
‘Dream Come True’ for Mother-Daughter Duo Who Pilot Southwest Flight Together
Real-Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Cut Her Nearly Six-Foot Long Hair in Almost 30 Years
Arkansas Couple Confront Food Shortages, Inflation by Growing Own Food, Starting Off-Grid Homestead
Aged Horse About to Be Sold to Butchers in Mexico Gets Rescued, Thrives With Loving Care
Real Life ‘Lassie’ Leads Search and Rescue to His 53-Year-Old Owner Who Fell Off 70-Foot Cliff in the Woods
Sweet Little Dog Stops and Sniffs Every Flower He Comes Across
PHOTOS: Neighborhood Dogs Just Love This One Man—Can’t Wait for Cuddled Naps
Researchers Uncover Human Footprints From Late Ice Age in Great Salt Lake Desert Dating 12,000 Years Old
Scientist Connects 256 Electrodes to His Head, Discovers Happiness Not Linked to Material Success
2 Meteor Showers to Converge for a Late-Summer Light Show in the Night Sky—Here’s What You Need to Know
Ecologists Hail 25-Year Overhaul That Transforms 50-Acre Toxic Trash Dump Into Flourishing National Park
The Oma Way: A Grandmother Shares the Culture and Traditions She Grew Up With in Germany
American Singer-Songwriter Warns of the Evils of Communism: ‘Our Civil Liberties Are God-Given’
Moral Tales for Children From McGuffey’s Readers: Weighing an Elephant
Photographer Captures Mongolia’s Herdsmen Showcasing Incredible Horse Herding Skills in Epic Winter Festival
Couple Transform Their Garden Into a Tropical Haven With Exotic Plant Collection
Bladesmith Forges 4.5-Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Metal Into ‘Extraterrestrial’ Knife—And It Looks Unreal
Land Artist Paints Giant Murals With Earth Pigments That Wash Away in the Rain, Can Only Be Seen From Above
84-Year-Old Spends 40 Years Building Huge Wooden Boat in His Garage—And He’s Still Working on It