Argentina Senator Says Shen Yun Catches You Emotionally

April 25, 2017

“It is a great show. Honestly, I am surprised by the perfection of the dance, the synchronization, also the colors, the choreography. It is really spectacular. … I came with [Shun Yun’s] great reputation, but you cannot imagine something like this. It is like seeing a distant culture, with dances and gestures from far away.

“Everything is very nice, very surprising. … I find it very interesting, a beautiful show.”

“[The visual aspect] surprised me—the synchronization between the movements, the choreography, and also the colors, the display of colors, and the different technical effects, the backdrop. Very interesting.”

“It is something that catches you. It is a touching performance. … The dramatic moments are displayed with style. They are like choreographic metaphors, so everything moves in a sensitive tone. It is very pleasant.”

“I would say that this is really a very interesting experience and as it is very original …, it is not to be missed.”