Actress Inspired by the Divine Beauty of Shen Yun

May 3, 2018

“I got a lot of inspiration. I loved the connection to the divine and beauty. I didn’t know what Shen Yun meant and it was so beautiful to see the connection between the meaning of the performance which is the embodiment of the performance and showcasing the God, the monks, it was so beautiful. The divine within—that is also the beauty. It was inspiring. I loved it.”

“Each performer, dancer, artist, orchestra, it was all beautiful. It was so magical.”

“[To perform like Shen Yun] you need to be connected to love, your authentic self, you need to be connected to that source—to be connected to divine and come from the space of love, compassion, honesty, integrity, care, inner peace, harmony, balance.”

“[From the performance I found] A lot of energy. It comes from each person, each performer. Each person matters, each energy matter. They were like very passionate. They loved being there. That’s the energy—we take that with us, like the storytelling, the difference pieces and we inspire others with that.”

“Good energy. Sharing a good message too, which is connecting to your divine and beauty, looking at a different story and different culture. I love how that’s expressed in arts and dance.”

“[The soprano was] amazing. I loved it! Beautiful! Beautiful! I love the message it’s in English it’s just so deep.”

“The salvation unfolds. … I feel what resonates within me from the lyrics was there’s something within our soul that we’re here to express—the purpose of our life is to save the world. … That’s really beautiful.”