Tai Chi Master Says Shen Yun is Important in Preserving the Chinese Culture

April 30, 2017

“The dancing, I find it has precision definitely, and it also most importantly to me, it’s the preservation of the Chinese culture.”

“It [the dance movements] touched me through the heart. Because I could feel the chi, the energy in the air is being presented through the movements of the dancing. Basically it’s from the inner self of the person doing it, an expression of the movement that comes up with the feelings of freedom.”

“I can closely relate to what’s being shown. For myself, I sort of understood what it’s all about, just even by the movement of the dance and the connection of the body and mind and spirit especially, encompasses the whole thing as you present the show. To do to others what you want done to yourself.”

“The spiritual side is important to me. I can understand the message being relayed to the audience. Personally for myself, I find it very fulfilling, fulfilling in self, in search of being peaceful, and showing your love to others.”