Strategy Manager Finds Shen Yun Dancing Captivating

'I couldn't make this show in the UK because I am traveling, so I arrived here today and was totally surprised'
May 10, 2018

“I thought the dancing performance is amazing. Very agile. It’s very captivating. … The time just goes by.”

“We need to preserve them [traditional cultures]. They’re rich things we should do more to promote. So I am glad to see that its [traditional Chinese culture] alive in what Shen Yun is doing.”

“I hear that the Chinese are traveling here to see it—around the world.”

“It’s been on TV in the UK. They [Shen Yun] advertised it. … I couldn’t make this show in the UK because I am traveling. … I was looking forward to it. I am glad I was doing it here.”

“It is full of energy. … It touches your senses, visually, vocally, everything.”