Shen Yun Is Really Awesome, Mayor Says

‘It disseminates universal values through exquisite artistic performance’
March 24, 2018

“It [Shen Yun] disseminates universal values through exquisite artistic performance”

“It’s really awesome, and has educational significance.”

“It includes history into dance and music. Thanks to its high artistic level, it has become a new highlight of the Chinese community.”

“These historical stories are all familiar to us.”

“Take the piece ‘Journey to the West’ (‘Monkey Battles Warlock’) for instance. With the combination of high-tech [digital backdrop], I think this kind of performance would be loved by adults and children alike.”

“It’s an innovative development.”

“It also spreads some universal values by way of traditional approaches such as classical Chinese dance and oriental music.”

“The notion that evil can never prevail over good is implied in historical stories, and is performed through artistic performance with easily understandable storyline to make it more acceptable to everyone.”