Shen Yun Is a Rarity in the Art World, Musician Says

May 6, 2017

“The Shen Yun performance was fantastic from beginning to end. There is nothing in my memory that could surpass this performance. It overshadows all I have seen. This show is a rarity in the art world—just brilliant.”

“I can imagine the hard training these performers have to undertake to reach the perfection they presented onstage. Nothing I have seen can outperform these artists. My compliments to the artists.”

“The music is very pleasant to the ears. It is a successful blending of Western and Eastern styles. This is something exceptional.”

“The delicate and tender sounds of the Chinese instruments are exceptionally touching and heartwarming. Superb!”

“The cumulative effect with the colorful costumes, the backdrop with its unusual electronic displays, and the ability to display so many different things onstage is amazing. Not only that, but the lighting effects were stunning.”

“Tolerance is a must in today’s society and still needs to be brought more to the public. Shen Yun is one of the few that have accomplished this task.”

“I wish that all those who are able to see the Shen Yun performances will share their observations, feelings, and understanding with those around them. In my mind, that is the crux of this particular performance.”