Shen Yun Demonstrates ‘The Most Exquisite Way to Use Art’

April 4, 2018

“I think the show is exquisite in terms of its presentation, in terms of its sets, in terms of its artistic presentation, and the charm, and the beauty is captured well for China.”

“The issue of organ harvesting [mentioned in the performance] is a major concern. The issue of political oppression … [and] forfeiting the lives to organ harvesting is an exceedingly grave concern in the world.”

“The world has brought this up in the past, and it’s been brushed aside. … My concern was it was not going to be touched upon, and I did not want to come to the performance without a consideration to … demonstrating in support of the practice of Falun Dafa. I’m very enchanted that this presentation very definitely dealt with the matter.”

“It’s fabulous. It’s the most exquisite way to use art. To convey the emotions of [people] and the emotions of the loss of these persons needs to be known. We miss them. They’re not somebody that nobody would notice. These are people that have grown and loved and that are loved and that worked and lived and they deserve a consideration. … It’s very close to me. That’s a very important issue.”

“The artwork is just fabulous. … I loved the use of the screen. The artistry of the dancers and the actors are in seamless presentation when they use the screen. It’s very beautifully integrated into the storyline. It’s seamless. You don’t lose anything in the transfer of your attention, in terms of the conveyance of the imagery and the storyline on the screen, to the point of it being again on the stage.”

“The orchestra is exquisite. It’s just a splendid way for the art form to be lifted to the heart.”