Producer: Shen Yun Soothes the Soul

February 13, 2014 Updated: February 17, 2014

GWACHEON, South Korea—On the evening of Feb. 12, Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company graced the stage at the Gwacheon Citizen Hall in Gwacheon, South Korea. “The performance has sent out a strong message that good will ultimately prevail over evil. This is a performance that soothes the soul,” said Yun Jeong-heon, a media producer.

As a fan of Shen Yun, Mr. Yun has watched the performances for three consecutive years. He was full of joy and happiness when stepping out of the theater.

“All the programs are brand new. The message sent out during the show is quite clear,” he said. “It is interesting, and the animated backdrop is superbly expressive.—I’m very happy when seeing the show.”

He summarized his understanding of the message conveyed by Shen Yun in this way: “The performance represents the beauty of heaven and generates a sense of sacredness. It displays the universe and depicts the scenes of saving the universe at the same time. Maybe it is such scenes that soothe the soul.”

Mr. Yun admired the costumes, saying: “The overall performance is excellent, and the costumes make the show even more fascinating. The most attractive aspect in the show is the costumes. They are really brilliant. They generate outstanding visual effects.”

He took note of the orchestra, he said: “The music and dance cooperate perfectly during the entire show. The music is performed live, but it is an impeccable accompaniment for the dancers.”

“The show has a great artistic quality overall, and the dancers have extraordinary skills,” Mr. Yun said.

Mr. Yun emphasized that he will watch it again next year. “I have truly felt the beauty of the show. This is a very unique performance, and I plan to see it again next year.”

Impressive Combination of Skill and Diversity

Among the attendees was the Director of Cheong-am Cultural Association, Kim Mi-Ra.

Ms. Kim praised the splendid diversity and outstanding skill presented , saying “Shen Yun had successfully demonstrated some of the most difficult skills with its use of various accessories.”

Ms. Kim said “Whether it was the theme or the skill, there wasn’t a single moment where the audience could have felt bored. The diversity of the program was simply well done.”

What intrigued Ms. Kim the most was the Monkey King dance, “The story about the Monkey King is known by every household in Korea. It is a story that I truly savor.”

An artist who has long devoted to raising awareness of Korean traditional culture, Ms Kim said she could appreciate the what was presented on the stage. From Shen Yun, Ms. Kim said she had some new understanding—“Shen Yun did put on an exciting performance and it grabbed the hearts of the audience. So, people embraced what was presented on stage.”

‘Shen Yun music is very dynamic’

“I consider them very marvelous. I wonder how much time they have devoted to it. It indeed takes numerous efforts to achieve such a level,” said Yang Han, a PhD. holder who is the Percussion Chief of the Korean Culture the International Exchange Center. At the end of the Shen Yun performance at Gwacheon on Feb. 13, he said he was extremely touched by the performance.

Dr. Yang Han watched the Shen Yun show together with his father. Moved by Shen Yun’s manifestation of 5,000 years of civilization through the form of classical Chinese dance, he said, “Just in a sentence, I experienced authentic China (culture). … While watching Shen Yun, I have more familiar feelings than at that time.”

Dr. Yang Han was particularly fond of the program, when Play Turns to Panic, on an aspiring scholar who constantly gets distracted from his studies. “The program is the most interesting, well presented. Performers’ breathing, expressions, music, along with backdrop scenes, are perfectly integrated.” “Shen Yun music is very dynamic, while very noble when illustrating traditions,” he said.

“Throughout the performance I have been much moved. Particularly, one of the male performers seems able to be communicate with me, a very good feeling.” He felt like learning from them. “I also would like to learn the breathing of Shen Yun performers.”

Awed by the Shen Yun performance, he said, “This is my first time to know Falun Dafa. I seem to learn something new, very glad.”

Full of praise for performance of male performers, he said, “Overall, their physical training is very excellent. Because I dance, I tell you this. To achieve that kind of movement, it takes breathing, and power of muscles, as well as great efforts.”

Then he said in excitement, “It’s a pity that I can’t personally see the performers. If possible, I would ask them personally, if they are tired, or delighted.”

Reporting by Li Zhixing and Fleur L, Lee Zhen and Frank Fang, Zhen and Amy Lien

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