‘It looks like China art; It’s like dancing art,’ Retired Ballerina Says

April 15, 2018

“I can say [that] technically they are incredible. I like what they do. Technically, it looks very good—it looks like China art; it’s like a dancing art. It’s very nice to see that because you experience it—you can never forget it.

“[The message from the soloist is] like a kind of idea of a better world, like better emotions, better connection with some kindness to each other.”

“I like [the stage background] because you take old, like history, like a thousand thousand years, very deep, centuries—and finally a connection to new technology; it’s pretty incredible.”

“It’s unique. It’s a lot of good energy and you meditate because it is like gives you some inspiration to do those things and actually calm them down and you can collect the good feelings in yourself—and express yourself for audience.”