Actor Feels Holiness and a Divine Power Through Shen Yun 

April 22, 2018

“The dancers were fantastic, the movement was flawless, the technical expertise was just off the charts, amazing, it was really thrilling.”

“The harmony where it matched the choreography of the movement was flowing effortlessly—it was just wonderful to see.”

“[Shen Yun’s orchestra] made me feel wonderful and it was very exciting.”

“The music it had this rhythm that just had you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next part of the performance.”

“The spiritual part … looking at it that way—the holiness. The spiritual part was more inclusive, you want to be part of it, you want to sit closer to the stage and have a more wonderful experience, and I was only fourteen rows away.”

“My experience tonight was very moving, I did feel—I wanted to be close to the stage, I wanted to see it more closely.”

“My heart was touched tonight.”

“Every time I see actors perform with grace and dignity like [Shen Yun performers]—it’s a spiritual experience itself, and tonight I experienced that.”

“I have very limited exposure to Chinese dance and music, tonight … makes me want to come back.”

“I do believe there is a Divine power behind it, the spirit, the universe, does embrace and enlighten those who perform.”

“It’s beautiful that they change it up every year, it makes you want to come back the following year, and see the changes they’ve made, the costumes, dance, music.”