Shen Yun’s Animated Backdrop ‘Expands the Mind and Enriches the Journey’

January 30, 2017

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Shen Yun, but I will return. It was very, very worthwhile—it expressed a great deal in emotion through dance that you don’t see every day, and that’s a pleasure that it exists.” 


“The choreography was spectacular. The colours were brilliant, they kept me intensely involved. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. I wanted to fill my ears with it. The marriage of music and dance was beautiful.” 


“The backdrop was very good, it was very unique. To be able to move from one medium to the other I think expands the mind and enriches the journey.”


“I think it would take a lifetime to truly understand [the Chinese culture], but it sensitizes the ones who want to have their mind opened to a rich history in another culture that they won’t necessarily experience every day. If they take the time, they can learn to appreciate it. And it might enhance their own lives in doing so.” 


“[Shen Yun’s message is important], even more so today. Look at the struggles going on around the world—the genocides, the suffering—and what would make it all go away, or never happen? If everybody cared for each other much more, in simpler terms, and in simpler times. The complexity of today is not healthy; something before was a lot better, and something after hopefully will be.”


“Come and see it. It’s a must-see.”

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