‘It was so incredibly colourful and vibrant’

January 9, 2017

“It was beautiful. It was so incredibly colourful and vibrant, and the relation of the Chinese legends with dance was incredible. I brought my mother who’s almost 88 years old and we were really impressed.”


“I wasn’t prepared for the colour—every time the act changed, the beautiful dresses the women were wearing, and the different characters. And I of course loved the interface with the screen, and the actors popping in and out from the screen to the stage. But really the orchestration also, with the Chinese instruments along with the traditional classical instruments. It was all incredible.”


“I liked the [“Mongolian Bowls”] dance a lot. … It is just amazing to see people dancing with that sort of balance and grace, with something limiting them on their head. … I loved the [“Yellow Blossoms”] dance also with the yellow flowers.

“I loved the story of the man who had to train in order to fight the dragon (“The Enchanted Painting”). That was a beautiful one.”


“Any time someone can keep doing those flips without touching the ground with their hand is also really impressive. And I didn’t know that was part of traditional Chinese dance, so there was learning in there, too.”