Artist: ‘A feast for the eyes and for the soul’

February 25, 2018

“I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. I thought that the set and the beauty of the clothes and everything was amazing and a feast for the eyes and for the soul.”

“I just absolutely loved the way that the fabrics and the sleeves were moving, and probably there was a lot of spiritual input for that, and maybe symbolism in the colour, which was very beautiful.”

“It’s exquisite.”

“I think the fabric and the colours actually express the flow of the spiritual element a bit. With the movement, what’s left behind somebody in the movement through the air of the fabric, you can just see the trajectory of the dance in that way—it’s really very beautiful.”

“I found the colour side of it very interesting as well from my point of view in that some of the colours, the subtle colours but also the way that they were used in a complementary way or they were opposites, the colours sung together—really beautiful.”