Top 10 Up-and-Coming Tourist Cities to Look Out for in 2014

By Daniel He, Epoch Times

The impact of travel and tourism greatly affects the economic growth of a region. Here are some of the smaller destination cities that have had the fastest tourism growth from 2009 to 2013, according to the Mastercard Global Destination Index. These places are definitely the places to watch out for in 2014. 


1. Chengdu, China

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(Image of Anshun Bridge via Shutterstock)

Home to its spicy Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu saw a 285 percent growth in tourism. Even though it is first as an up-and-coming tourist destination, it ranks 60th compared to the rest of the cities overall in 2013. 


2. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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(Image of Kingdom Tower via Shutterstock)

The Kingdom Center that you see in the background is the third tallest building in the world that has a hole in it. Riyadh saw a 219.4 percent growth and ranked 19th overall in 2013. 


3. Colombo, Sri Lanka

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(Image of Colombo Skyline via Shutterstock)

Come here to enjoy the blend of the old traditions with the modern city as the backdrop. Colombo saw a 122.9 percent growth and ranked 76 overall in 2013. 


4. Mumbai, India

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(Image of Gateway of Mumbai and hotel via Shutterstock)

The world’s most expensive residential house, the Antilia, sits on one of the world’s most expensive residential streets . Besides that, the Gateway of India is also here. Mumbai saw a 113.3 percent growth rate and ranked 29th overall in 2013. 


5. Nanjing, China

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(Image of River in Nanjing via Shutterstock)

As one of China’s main economic, industrial, and education centers, Nanjing yielded a 97.1 percent increase in growth, and ranked 56th overall in 2013. 


6. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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(Image of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque via Shutterstock)

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque has 82 white domes and can accommodate more than 40,000 worshipers. Abu Dhabi arrived at a 96.8 percent increase and ranked 61st overall in 2013. 


7. Jakarta, Indonesia

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(Image of Jakarta Cityscape via Shutterstock)

Jakarta is the most populated city in Southeast Asia, with over 9 million people. Jakarta achieved 94.1 percent growth and ranked 77th overall in 2013.


8. Taipei, Taiwan

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(Image of Taipei Skyline via Shutterstock)

The Taipei 101 tower is supposed to represent a bamboo stick connecting the sky to Earth. Taipei saw an 82.7 percent growth and ranked 18th overall in 2013. 


9. Lima, Peru

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(Image of Miraflores town via Shutterstock)

Located on the Peruvian Coastal Plain, Lima is the second largest desert town in the world. Lima saw an increase of 79.7 percent and ranked 57th overall. 


10. Manila, Philippines

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(Image of Malate Church via Shutterstock)

The Philippines is 80 percent Roman Catholic and is the only Christian nation in Asia. Some of its most popular attractions are the religious sites, including the Matale Church, Manila Cathedral, and the Quiapo Church. Manila rose 72.9 percent in growth, and ranked 53rd overall.  


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