‘My Soul Is Awakened’: Says Actress After Watching Shen Yun

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SYDNEY, Australia—April 27 was a special day for Simran Gulati, a film and television actress based in Australia, as her soul was awakened after attending the opening performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts at the Sydney Lyric Theatre.

Apart from being involved in the film industry, Mrs. Gulati is also a model and social media influencer. She was the winner of Mrs. India Global 2018 and the first runner-up of Mrs. India Australia 2016.

Going through a two-hour journey, the actress was speechless by the beauty and rich cultural experience of Shen Yun.

“My soul is awakened, and that’s what Shen Yun‘s all about. It’s the divine beauty celebrated in the cultural form, and it’s just so beautiful,” Mrs. Gulati said.

Coming from an Indian background, Mrs. Gulati found many similarities in Chinese culture.

“It’s very similar in so many ways: so delicate, so [elegant], so divine,” Mrs. Gulati said.

“It’s all about going into the gods and how we, as humans, get so enriched with it.

“I think that’s where I feel like my soul is awakened. It takes you back to your root where you’re from.”

Shen Yun’s mission is to revive 5,000 years of Chinese culture, which has almost been destroyed since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came into power in 1949.

Mrs. Gulati believed Shen Yun well depicted a China before communism through the colours on the stage, the dancers’ elegance, and the musicians’ effort.

“It’s a great example of how nicely this is articulated to show the rich Chinese [culture],” she said.

The actress noted that Shen Yun was able to connect the modern world with the past, which she said was important as many things had been lost in the current era of social media.

One aspect of Shen Yun that impressed Mrs. Gulati was the performers’ ability to create beautiful performances from “small, simple things.”

The actress referred to a performance in which Shen Yun artists danced with chopsticks, which she found “amazing” as she had only seen people use them for eating.

Mrs. Gulati also praised Shen Yun for its efforts in preserving the Chinese culture.

“I think it’s a great job by Shen Yun and the whole team for doing this for 16 years and keeping the Chinese culture alive,” she said.

At the same time, Mrs. Gulati said she felt heartbroken when learning that Shen Yun was banned in China despite representing authentic Chinese culture.

“I think that’s a very sad thing on its own. Shen Yun has been doing this for [preserving] the heritage in China, and you can’t actually show this in China. It’s really heart-breaking,” she said.

As such, Mrs. Gulati strongly believed that Shen Yun should be able to perform in China without interference from the communist regime.

Reporting by NTD and Alfred Bui.

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