Musician Thrilled With Shen Yun’s Orchestra

January 20, 2017

“It’s very nice music. I really love it. Fantastic. It’s a rare combination that I’ve not heard before—like the Western orchestra with a Chinese flavour. … I think they complement each other. It’s nice—very nice work.”

“It’s amazing, the movements, how they go together with the music. I used to play in the [orchestra] pit. During an opera, I never saw the performers. I know the people here, the [musicians in the] orchestra here, they don’t see the performers. And I’m wondering, ‘how do they play together so well?’ [Synchronizing] the movements with the orchestra, it is very difficult to do.”

“The composer has done an incredible job. … He’s very, very good.”

“The choreography is fantastic and they get together very, very well.”

“I’ve seen Chinese classical dance before and what they are doing is very high calibre. I’m very impressed.”