Graphic Artist Inspired by Shen Yun

March 25, 2017

“I thought it was beautiful, especially with all the colours, the storyline behind it and I loved how the back screen kind of mixed together with the dancing on stage as well. I thought that was really clever.”

“In terms of how the screen was done with the performers on stage, it just seemed to flow through the story. You were kind of looking at the backdrop and you were kind of looking at the dancers and it just all bound together. It was beautiful.”

“I thought it [the orchestra] was beautiful  — how they had a storyline but they also had pieces in there where you had beautiful instruments, [a] traditional instrument that came out and it was almost like a pause moment—that was beautiful.”

“I thought it was true to traditions, in terms of fashion, costumes, and also the message in it—just very true to its tradition. You also get an insight — if you don’t know much about the culture, you kind of get an insight of how some of the issues … are happening in the world.”

“[I am] inspired and curious, and just happy.”

“Just go check it out and … be open to the message that it has and enjoy it. “