Artist Says Audience has ‘horizons broadened’

February 23, 2009 Updated: February 26, 2009

TAINAN, Taiwan—Painter Huang Jinhua, 88, who specializes in traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, and sculpture, watched the second performance of Divine Performing Arts (DPA) in Tainan Municipal Cultural Center.

During the intermission, he said, “Their performing skills have reached high perfection, along with impressive dancing skills and stage lighting. All the audience members will recommend this show to others. It has been a worthwhile trip. I have benefited a lot from the show.

“This is a superlative performance that helps to cultivate one’s mind and widen horizons. I haven’t seen such an outstanding performance for a long time; it’s really matchless.”

Huang Jinhua particularly admired the dancing. “Excellent coordination is very important. A group should put stress on uniformity. The DPA dancers have a tacit understanding and present a show at a very high level.”

As an artist, Huang Jinhua, especially appreciated the backdrops. He said that the backdrops are well designed, and that the integration of backdrops into the performance is a perfect idea. “For example, figures or celestial beings descend the backdrop, coming onto the stage. Or the performers go off the stage, then ascend, entering the backdrop.

"The backdrop is perfectly integrated into the performance. Audiences seem to personally experience the circumstances on the stage, with their horizons broadened.”

Huang Jinhua said that he was inspired by DPA’s dancing, music, and backdrops.

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