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Vital Signs

Brendon Fallon

Jan 27, 2023
While our ancestors were lulled to sleep by the flickering, dancing flames of their cabin or campfires, we’re more likely to be kept awake by the unnatural, unending glow of our cell phone screens. Throughout our bodies are biological clocks that regulate our circadian rhythms, like our sleep/wake cycles. These take their cue from the light coming through the eyes. How does screen use at nighttime affect our body’s natural rhythm? The technology that overstimulates us also presents its solutions, such as built-in light filters. Do these actually work? Can we engage with technology when needed and still disengage enough to get a good night’s sleep? We explore this on #VitalSigns with Brendon Fallon. Further viewing: Sleep-well Wiki #1 – Tips for Falling Asleep and Staying Asleep Disconnect | The scary way your phone controls you | Short Film | 3Musketeers   Some of the sources referenced: Association of Screen Time and Depression in Adolescence Circadian Rhythms Central Control Autonomic Function Melatonin =================================================================================== Vital Signs’ host, guests and contributors offer general information on improving health and wellness. This is not intended as diagnosis or medical advice. You should consult your medical doctor or holistic doctor before enacting any suggested strategies for health and wellness improvement, including those in relation to preventing or treating specific diseases featured on this program.
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    Our health is the composite of our states of body, mind, and soul. Each of these domains influences the other, and can either nourish or deplete the others, depending on how we live our lives. Be it food to fight cancer, boosting virus immunity, or tips for better sleep, Vital Signs zooms in on the important matters of health that come up in everyday life—connecting the dots across the broad canvas of our "composite health."
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