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Legalized Marijuana and the Mental Health Crisis in America; Your Brain on Caffeine | Feat. Dr. Daniel Amen

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Is the legalization of marijuana connected to the escalating mental health crisis in America? What do brain scans reveal about the use of marijuana, caffeine, alcohol, food additives, and our brain health?
On VitalSigns, Dr. Daniel Amen joins host Brendon Fallon to probe the “harmless” things we put into our bodies that can affect brain age, self-control, and happiness.
“Psychiatrists, in general, are the only medical doctors who virtually never look at the organ they treat,” says the veteran psychiatrist whose videos scanning the brains of influences, actors, and musicians have garnered millions of views.
Dr. Amen uses specialized imaging to identify “good activity, too little, and too much” activity in specific parts of the brain. This gives him and his patients “a map” to understand factors beyond psychology that are affecting their mental health.
Being able to “see their brains” has prompted many patients to reconsider certain habits and vices:
“One of my influencers said … ‘There's no way I'm giving up marijuana.’ And I'm like … ‘You have a damaged brain. And odds are if you keep using marijuana, it's going to get worse.’”
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