Attorney Feels Uplifted by Shen Yun

January 14, 2022

ESCONDIDO, Calif.—Although the holiday season is behind us, some couples are still reaping the benefits of a well-chosen Christmas gift. Greg Barnes is an attorney from San Diego. He and his wife Christine gifted Shen Yun Performing Arts tickets to each other for Christmas.

“We first learned about the show through The Epoch Times. We’ve been following Shen Yun’s locations and we found out that they were coming to Escondido. We just had to do a visit to see it,” Mr. Barnes said. “We gave each other a Christmas gift, those nice seats that we had. We just loved the show. It’s amazing!”

New York-based Shen Yun features a live orchestra in all of its performances. During a different season, Shen Yun’s Symphony orchestra also tours around the world.

“I’m a musician, I play the piano, and the music is so beautiful,” Mr. Barnes said. “And I have to thank The Epoch Times because every day I get my email from The Epoch Times, and it has music from the Shen Yun orchestra, and I play it every day, it’s so beautiful!”

“It’s the only way to watch a show, with live music,” he added.

He also reflected on Shen Yun not being able to perform in China. As a company that presents China before communism, the communist regime of China does not allow Shen Yun to perform there.

“I have to say that watching the show makes me feel both happy and uplifted to see it, but sad for the people of China, and the fact that the [Chinese Communist Party] has locked down and just destroyed the culture of the Chinese people, and I pray that someday this will stop,” Mr. Barnes said.

Shen Yun uses performing arts to raise awareness of the injustices going on in China and Mr. Barnes expressed his support of their effort.

“I think that’s very smart. I think it’s an excellent way for them to be able to get the message out to the world about what’s happening to them,” he said.

The patented digital backdrop that Shen Yun utilizes is always a wonderful surprise for first-time audience members. The backdrop is used to extend the stage endlessly and allows the dancers to appear in any setting the production wishes.

When it was over, I had to jump to my feet because I felt so uplifted.
— Greg Barnes

“I mean, when it was over, I had to jump to my feet because I felt so uplifted. It was just a beautiful show. And the technology of that screen, and the people coming down and appearing on the stage is phenomenal. The first time when it happened, we couldn’t believe it. It’s beautiful,” Mr. Barnes said.

Reporting by Yang Jie and Maria Han.

The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts. We have covered audience reactions since Shen Yun’s inception in 2006.