‘You’ve just got to see Shen Yun,’ Artesia Mayor Says

April 21, 2018

“It’s absolutely fabulous, it really is, the costumes, the color of the imagery behind [on the backdrop]. I like the [folk] dance, and I like the classical. [I] loved the music, the piano. It’s just wonderful.”

“I didn’t really know what to expect. Just the imagery in the back—it was really magical. … It’s spectacular. I’ve enjoyed the whole thing.”

“I think [the live orchestra] is wonderful. I keep forgetting it’s live. … I think it’s a real nice addition.”

“I think it’s happy music, I think it’s uplifting, and so I’ve enjoyed it.”

“[The dancers] are trained so well, and it’s just beautiful.”

“[The emcee] explained that [acrobatics] started with the classical [Chinese] dances, … so I’m learning as I’m in there.”

“I think that more cultural exchange should take place around the world, so I really commend Shen Yun. … It makes me sad to hear that this cannot be shown in [China]. Thank you [to Shen Yun] for bringing it to ours.”

“I’m going from here to tell other people, ‘You’ve just got to see Shen Yun.'”