‘You get carried away with the stories,’ Company President Says

March 4, 2018

“I remember when it [Shen Yun] first came to New York. I was living there and I always wanted to see it. It was a dream come true today. I was not disappointed. I brought my granddaughter and my daughter and their friends and we were not disappointed. This is absolutely wonderful.”

“I loved that you were able to tell the stories so that we as Westerners, who do not know the history and the culture—you [Shen Yun] educated us today and it helped.”

“You get carried away with the stories. It’s just wonderful.”

“Because the Chinese culture is so deep in that belief [divine connection], it takes you away with the belief. The belief carries you. Even if it’s not your belief, in that one moment, you become part of the culture and you become thrilled that the savior has come to save us.”

“I loved the way you used the graphics [digital backdrop] in this production. I couldn’t wait for more. It was wonderful.”