‘You get a very nice feeling of calmness,’ Says Theatregoer

January 31, 2017

“It was awesome, I loved it. It’s beautiful. It’s very colourful. When I’m watching it, in some of [the pieces] you just get a very nice feeling of calmness.”


“It’s just so pretty. I love the colours—one thing that I really noticed is that, culturally, they are not afraid of colour. … It’s just so nice to see so much colour, it’s so bright. I really liked that.”


“I think [the show brings joy to people] because you just can’t help but feel happy and especially with the first few performances—it just captivates you because they are so bright, when you see them and the pretty dresses that they have that are all colourful, swaying. And just the choreography too, it was so pretty to see because it flowed—it had a beautiful flow to it.”