‘You can’t afford to miss Shen Yun,’ Says Retired Marine Captain

February 1, 2018

“Oh, it [Shen Yun performance] was just so wonderful, so colorful … just dynamic. You can’t afford to miss this. You have to have this in your life.”

“It’s so moving. It’s so wonderful. It’s so free. It’s putting out a message that’s just wonderful … peace, love one another, harmony, seek your goals, [and] be the person that’s in you.”

“[People need to see Shen Yun to see] what can be done when people work together, when they have a good message. It’s what’s needed in the world today. We all need to be the person we are. We all need to love one another. We can’t just pull apart. We have to join together, and that’s why I believe in it.”