You Can Feel the Shen Yun Singer’s Emotions

March 23, 2018

“This was a gift from daughter-in-law to my wife and I for our 50th anniversary, … and I mean the dancing, and choreography and the music are fabulous. … I didn’t realize there were going to be storylines. I mean they are very interesting, very informative. … It’s interesting; I’m looking forward to the second half.”

“[The singer] Oh, my gosh; extraordinary. I wish I spoke Chinese even though the words were on the screen. … What’s interesting is that you could look at the English and realize that what he was saying matched up with the English words. … You could feel the emotion that he was [expressing]. Beautiful voice—my goodness, outstanding.”

“Very powerful, this is a very powerful performance. … What’s interesting is that one of the first things I read was that you could never see this in China. Not today, and … it speaks to 5,000 years of incredible culture. I’m looking forward to the second half.”