‘Yellow Blossoms was a huge surprise’

January 31, 2017

“It is absolutely beautiful. The costumes were stunning. There seems to be so much hard work that has gone into preparing for the show. And we felt that the orchestra and the music was just perfect timing and it complemented the show fantastically.”


“The ‘Yellow Blossoms’ performance—that was absolutely sensational. I think the choreography was amazing, and I think it was very dramatic. The colours were incredible. The fans just portray blossoms and their outfits at the bottom looked as if they were part of the flowers. It was actually very, very impressive.”


“[‘Yellow Blossoms’] was a huge surprise. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I loved it. It was my favourite performance of the show.”


“I loved the live music, and obviously the timing was incredible. And beautiful performances as well.”