Writer Inspired by Shen Yun’s Culture and Spirituality

February 9, 2017

“I feel the message of virtue of the way, even though it’s from ancient times it is very inspired through the creator. And the Yun, the expression of beauty from within, the ‘Shen Yun,’ and ‘Shen’ being divine.”


“Very inspiring. I really enjoyed the embrace that it seemed to have of all the different cultures in China. Especially the Tibetan drums and the innovative ways that the Chinese seem to utilize nature and incorporate that into their dress and dance—it’s very unique. It’s simple and yet sophisticated and it’s also very wise.


“Very inspiring because it’s in nature that we can find heaven. I feel like after watching it—it seems like very upright.”


“I think that the inspiration is in the tradition of the Chinese culture, that’s passed down many principles through philosophy and wisemen that have saw the truth. So I think that it’s expressed in the movements of the dancers, it’s expressed in the costumes.”


“I think that every soul is lit, every soul is lit by the great light or the creator, the great spirit. … It has the option, the choice to obtain heaven through virtue—the way and truth.”