Writer Enjoys the Music, the Dance and the Storyline, at Shen Yun

May 10, 2018

“I love the dancing part of it, the musical part of it, and the storyline.”

“They [Shen Yun] are talking about heaven, and they are talking about the gate closing soon. And it is true. I mean, heaven is going to be open and people are going to be ushered away to it.”

“[The message I got is that,] basically, you do bad, you get punished for bad. You do good, you are rewarded for doing good.”

“The artistry is awesome. … Love the sound. My wife is a music teacher who knows all the instruments, and she was telling me about the instrument with two strings on it [erhu]. And how they [erhu soloist] make that sound like their voice. I love it. I love it.”