When Dropping Off Clothes to Sister With Flu, Brother Goes to Great Lengths to Protect Himself

February 9, 2018 Updated: October 5, 2018

A New Orleans man took extensive precautions when dropping off clothes to his sister, who was suffering through a bout of flu.

In a scene–as if from a deadly virus outbreak movie–garage doors open to reveal the man walking out with a hood tightly wrapped over his head, a facemask, and what appears to be a pair of oven mitts. He’s holding a broom, mop, or a similar instrument on which hangs a plastic bag with the clothes, as caught on video by the sister, Augusta Stewart.

“Some people just will always be extra,” she comments as her brother exits the garage and approaches her car.

“You just always do too much!” she’s heard saying, while the man extends the broomstick towards her.

Another clip shows the man running back toward his home and inside the garage.

“Pick up your stick!” Stewart calls after him.

Stewart’s video has been viewed 2.3 million times and the post shared over 34,000 times.

Many of the thousands of comments on the Facebook post came from people who identify themselves or someone they know with Stewart’s brother’s attitude.


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