‘We loved every minute of’ Shen Yun

April 24, 2017

“My wife and I enjoyed it very, very much. We loved it. The dance was perfection, everybody was perfectly in time, the movements were beautiful. We were fascinated by the ability to have an [animated] figure come from the screen behind and turn into a person. It was absolutely amazing. The music was beautiful. I was fascinated by the two-stringed instrument (erhu), and I have to go find out more about it. It was beautiful. We loved every minute of it.”

“[The dancers] were really, really good. All the dancers were wonderful. We loved the show.”

“We loved every minute of the show; we loved [the spiritual part] as well. And we enjoyed the fact that [the emcees spoke] in both Chinese and English. We enjoyed that as well … It was very well thought out, very well put together.”

“It was a feeling of peace and comfort. It was such a calm, relaxing, beautiful thing to watch. We walked out smiling at each other, relaxed and calm. We loved the feeling.”