Watching Shen Yun is a Form of Meditation

April 15, 2017

“The performance is heavenly.” 

“I have a great affinity for the beauty of ancient Chinese culture. I feel very connected to the Chinese culture, even though my ancestors are not Chinese. And to see them bringing … all of these ancient wisdoms with the beauty, the art, the traditions, the dance, the singing … it’s really good. This is such a treat to be here tonight.” 

“I feel like it reaches part of people’s soul that maybe they have even forgot about, so that when they rock around their everyday life, they can remember that we didn’t come from here. We came from somewhere else. And this production is trying to help us remember … not just our human [sides], but our divine.”

“I think everybody saw this, the world could be a different place, I really do … seeing a performance like this is a form of meditation.” 

“The music is top quality; you can feel people’s passion in their heart. Their technical skills are equally stunning. It’s a really amazing performance, I had goose bumps.” 

“I would love to see it again.”

“Certain rhythms actually give healing to the body, and certain intervals of music. Actually this knowledge came from Chinese culture 5000 years ago, so there are some cultures that claim that they understand this, but the truth is it came from the Chinese culture. So I see all elements and how this performance actually can help people heal, based on how they integrate … in a performance where people are open to receive it without really understanding on a conscious level how much they truly are receiving.”