VP: Shen Yun Symphony Orchestra ‘Elevates You in Your Thought to a Much Higher Place’

October 14, 2018

“I am a fan of music, I go to many Broadway plays, listen to symphonies, orchestras, but today just exceeded my expectations.”

“It is like perfection, and that is what the artist are striving for, and you see them working hard on the stage and the music that comes out is like angels playing. It is beautiful, it elevates you in your thought to a much higher place, it allows you to go deeper into thought.”

“When I am listening to the music, I am tempted to close my eyes, and I do. I find myself transformed back into a different place full of colors, actions—just warm thoughts. I truly enjoyed it.”

“It felt at times that you were in battle, and other times retrospectively looking at something that was significantly accomplished.”

“This was powerful, the music is beautiful, peaceful, and serene, but at the same time captivating. We have listened to the music online, but being here in person and watching the conductor and the artists is very moving, very, very beautiful.”

“We were just thinking that we are flying to Rome in a few weeks, and I was thinking that I need to download the album so I can listen to the music as I fly across the Atlantic Ocean and prepare for my trip.”