Visual Artist ‘Completely Inspired’ by Shen Yun

April 18, 2018

“It’s just fantastic. I would highly [recommend] anyone to come and see this.”

“[The dancers] are incredible. It was interesting for me to learn that what we consider gymnastics is actually rooted in classical Chinese dancing. I thought that was really cool.”

“[The music] is beautiful! It’s absolutely beautiful. It’s soothing and it’s inspiring.”

“I’m working on several pieces right now, so I was completely inspired.”

“[The baritone soloist] was fantastic.”

“I think [the performance] is incredibly deep. It has the spiritual core, and even the humor in things—that really beautiful humor. But it strikes a chord deep, in a good way.”

“It makes me sad that even still in China that they are being persecuted. That you cannot have freedom of religion, or your own beliefs, and that [the Chinese regime is] trying to crush out someone’s spiritual core. But I love the message that you are restored, no matter what kind of persecution you have in the physical plane. It goes beyond that, and it’s bigger than that. That’s a universal message—I thought that was really beautiful.”

“Bravo [to the artistic director]! I think [the performance] is wonderful. Keep up the good work and keep spreading that message, because I think that there are lots of people who don’t realize—in China that they don’t have that freedom—the fact that you couldn’t do this performance there.”

“I think that [the message] is beautiful, and I love that [Shen Yun was] sharing that message.”